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Reunion Conference of 1973 Batch (IPS) Officers held on Shillong


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Shillong, June 23: A reunion conference of 1973 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officers was held on Wednesday at Umling, the headquarters of the Border Security Force Meghalaya Frontier located in Shillong, with 1973 batch Indian Police Service (IPS) officers from across the country participated. Their wives also attended this conference.

Giving information about this, (IPS) officer RK Johri said that due to the Covid pandemic, we all used to talk to each other through social media, WhatsApp, but through this reunion conference, we got to meet each other in a real way . Got the opportunity after a long time and this was the main objective of this conference.

Apart from this, he said that many of us had never come to Meghalaya, only had heard about Meghalaya and had seen its beauty through photos and videos, but today they got a chance to see the beauty of Meghalaya with their own eyes. Our experience will be very enjoyable.

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