Expelled and Unbowed: Avner Pariat’s defiant exit unveils party’s political turmoil


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Shillong, Apr 21: Former Voice of People Party leader Avner Pariat expresses surprise and disappointment over his sudden expulsion from the party, citing lack of clarity on the reasons behind the decision.

Pariat informed that he had already signaled his intention to resign after the elections, citing concerns over divisive politics and the party’s focus on religious rhetoric rather than substantive issues.

Despite attempts to engage party leadership, Pariat received no response, leading him to believe that leaving was the best course of action.

Now, he vows to advocate for a more inclusive and innovative approach to governance, focusing on empowering young leaders outside the realm of traditional politics.

While Pariat remains open to future political engagement, he emphasizes the need for parties to prioritize progressive ideals over vested interests.

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