Unhappy teachers decide to end week long stir


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Shillong, Jul 5: After a week long protest, Federation of All School Teachers Of Meghalaya (FASTOM) on Tuesday has decided to call off its protest despite the discontentment.

FASTOM spokesperson Mayborn Lyngdoh said that the Central Executive Committee (CEC) has discussed at length about the government’s decision to increase the salaries of ad-hoc teachers. Lyngdoh said that even though as leaders they are very sad and disappointed with the decision, however they are left with no option but to call off their protest.

FASTOM CEC will continue to pressurise the govt to take a decision on the other demand which is the 5% increment annually.

Urging the teachers to go back happy not thinking about the money but instead to think of their win. Lyngdoh said,” I know if I ask each and every single one of you you’ll have different different opinions and that can be dangerous for everyone. Some of you will say let’s go home we have got what we ask for or else we might lose what we already have. Some of you might say no we should still fight but I will tell you right now do not be selfish be selfless.”

He added that if they continue things might take another turn and get ugly.

Encouraging the teachers to go back to their students, Lyngdoh said that now there will be changes. “FASTOM is trying its best on how to move forward and how to make education better so that we can once again become the education hub of the northeast and also India,” said Lyngdoh.

He also mentioned that they would suggest the government to have only three sets of teachers in the state and that should be – Government teacher, aided teachers and private teachers.

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