National Law University – Meghalaya calls for admissions, assures personalized education through technology-driven ecosystem


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Shillong, May 20: The National Law University, Meghalaya (NLU Meg in short) has announced admissions for the current year in three Undergraduate Degree Programmes and one Postgraduate programme. The University is also offering research programmes in different modes.

The Undergraduate Programmes at the university will span over five years, while the Postgraduate Programmes will be for two years. The academic year will comprise three trimesters, beginning in July each year.

The university said its programmes at different levels will promote interdisciplinary law studies with research at its core. The curriculum is designed around the principle of “Study What You Want” and will be delivered through a technology-driven ecosystem. The University is committed to personalized education, catering to the needs of creative learners. It encourages bright minds to explore their innovative capacities and engage in hands-on learning through the University’s evolving and dynamic approach.

Research Opportunities 
The research opportunities present at NLU Meg are:
Research Fellow: Research Fellows will be engaging in defined research problems and also undertake assistive teaching assignments.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): This is a fully residential funded programme either by UGC, CSIR, ICSSR, domicile Governments, any other funding agency, or University.

Post Doctoral Fellow: This allows Ph.D. students to continue their training in research after their Ph.D. is over.

Working Fellow: This will allow working professionals with substantial years of experience either in academics, profession, judiciary or industry to undertake research on defined problems.

Undergraduate Programme

The University offers students the opportunity to choose from three Undergraduate Degree Programmes:
– Bachelor of Arts (Policy Science) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) [BA LL.B (Hons)];
– Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) [BBA LL.B (Hons)];
– Bachelor of Science (Data Science) and Bachelor of Laws (Hons) [BS LL.B (Hons)].

To obtain a Minor and Major degree in the above programmes mentioned, students must express their interest in writing to their Faculty Advisor at the beginning of their fourth year.

Students must have a minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 7.00 out of 10.00 at the end of their third year and no backlogs to be eligible for Minor and Major degrees.

Option for Major and Minor degrees can be obtained in both domain and in Law.
To complete the Undergraduate degree programme, students are required to accumulate the following credits over a period of five years:
BA/BBA/BS L.L.B (Hons): 280 credits
BA/BBA/BS LLB (Hons) with a Double Minors: 300 credits
BA/BBA/BS LLB (Hons) with Major and Minor: 320 credits
BA/BBA/BS LLB (Hons) with Double Majors: 340 credits

Postgraduate Programme 

The Postgraduate Programme at the University will be offered in two forms:-
(i) Regular two years Residential Programme, and
(ii) Micro-degree Credit Postgraduate Programme (MDCPP) offered in hybrid mode along with a short campus stay.

The total credit requirement for MDCPP will be the same as residential Postgraduate Programmes and will follow the same credit requirement for taught and non-taught courses. The students may convert Micro Degree Credits into Postgraduate degrees on completion of stipulated credits;

Following programme is available in the coming academic year:
– Master of Laws [LL.M (Major in Corporate Law)]
To complete the Postgraduate Programme requirements, a student must accumulate a minimum of 80 and a maximum of 140 credits within a two-year period.


At University, students are expected to engage in 40 hours of academic activities every week.

Trimesters last for 12 weeks, and after the second and third trimesters, students will be allocated time for internships.

The university’s credit load will be split between taught and non-taught courses.
To fulfill the degree requirements, students must complete a specific number of credits through a combination of “taught” and “non-taught” courses. Taught courses are those that involve direct instruction from academic staff, while non-taught courses may involve independent study or advisory support activities and courses.

Credits are determined based on the amount of academic engagement per trimester, with one credit equivalent to eleven hours of academic work.

The university encourages a choice-based credit system.

Students may take a semester off during their twelfth trimester in the Undergraduate Programme or their fourth trimester in the Postgraduate Programme.

Each Programme consists of different courses that are divided into levels based on the complexity and intensity of instruction.

For inquiries and further information, interested individuals may contact NLU Meg at Mayurbhanj Complex, Nongthymmai, Shillong – 793014.

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