Monitor lizard sighted near Alotgre in Tura


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Tura, July 12: A wild monitor lizard locally known as Matpru has been sighted outside a human dwelling area near Alotgre cricket stadium in Tura on Tuesday afternoon.This highly endangered species of wild animal apparently came in search of food.

The Divisional Forest Officer for Wildlife Rupankar Marak informed that his team is already in the area and will ascertain the health parameters of the animal before releasing it.

An appeal has been made to the public not to disturb its movement and instead to protect this rare animal which is part of the ecological balance. “We will see if it is injured and need to be brought in for medical treatment. Otherwise we will release it to the wild so that it can be in its natural habitat,” informed DFO Wildlife Rupankar Marak.

This is a reptile that was once found in abundance in Garo Hills particularly around the Dalu and Purakhasia region but rampant poaching led to it falling in the endangered species category of wildlife.

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