Meghalaya’s Klingson Marak scores against Argentina in Blind Football World Grand Prix


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Shillong, Aug 8: Ampati boy Klingson Marak scored against the World number 1 team Argentina in the IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix in Mexico. The single goal scored by Marak is the only goal the mighty Argentina conceded in normal play throughout the competition.

Klingson Marak has been performing very well in blind football and has been dominating the game both in the State and National level. Marak, who hails from South West Garo Hills, played so brilliantly that he was named as the Indian national captain for the tournament at Mexico.

Marak has another fellow Meghalayans in the national team – Gabriel Nongrum; they both participated in the Blind Football World Grand Prix in Mexico. Both Nongrum and Marak have been playing for the Indian team for only a couple of years or so. They are both the children of farmers and come from large families.

The national team were in Mexico recently where they participated in the IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix with hosts Mexico, Costa Rica, world No. 1 team Argentina and eventual champions Brazil. Unfortunately, India lost all their matches, though the games against Mexico and Costa Rica were close contests.

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