Garo villagers trash cattle thieves from Assam, rescue their herd


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TURA, June 30: A group of cattle thieves from Assam have been given a sound trashing by Garo villagers after they were caught with stolen cows in Damalgre area early Thursday morning.

“The incident happened at Balalgre village under Damalgre police and three cattle have been seized,” informed South West Garo Hills SP S Ambedkar

A cattle owner from Balalgre village found three herds of cattle missing from his cattle shed outside his home at around 3 AM.

He quickly alerted the other villagers and together they began a search operation.

They found the cattle tracks leading out of the village towards the jungles.

Following the cattle trail they suddenly came across three men in a large truck stationed in a small clearing in the jungle, far away from the village.

The three men initially claimed that their vehicle had broken down and was resting for the night.

But when the villagers opened the back of the truck they found the three missing cattle inside.

The men were tied and given a merciless beating.

In the meantime, police from Damalgre outpost who were also alerted about the missing cattle arrived on the scene and took the badly injured cattle thieves to the nearest hospital for medical treatment.

Their truck has been seized and the cattle returned to the owner after necessary formalities were done.

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