Don’t make U Tirot Sing Syiem be the man of history, give him respect and honour: W. R. Kharlukhi


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Shillong July 17: The 187th Death Anniversary of U Tirot Sing Syiemlieh, Syiem of Hima Nongkhlaw, was observed on Sunday at Nongkhlaw by the Tirot Sing Death Anniversary Committee Hima Nongkhlaw, Nongkhlaw, in collaboration with the Centre for Historical Research Synod College (CHRSC), Shillong.

Speaking on the occasion, Rajya Sabha MP, W. R. Kharlukhi, informed that the Parliament has made a list of the freedom fighters of India and U Tirot Sing Syiem is one among the 115 freedom fighter of India to be included in that list.

Kharlukhi said that U Tirot Sing Syiem Anniversary should be remembered and celebrated in every part of the state as he is one of the heroes who fought and sacrificed his life for the freedom of the state and the country.

If people do not respect and honour the freedom fighters of the state, then Kharlukhi said that he doubted about the next generation of the Jaitbynriew Khasi and Jaintia.

“Don’t make U Tirot Sing Syiem be the man of history, give him respect and honour,” he asserted.

NEHU Professor Amina N Passah informed that U Tirot Sing Syiem, despite havi a deformity in one of his hands, didn’t stop him from being one of the greatest freedom fighters.

Passah urged the students to not sit idle but to read and learn about the history of the Ri Khasi-Jaintia, the freedom fighters and know about their rights. “So we can be the owner of our land and the jaitbynriew khasi will live,” she stated.

Meanwhile, the Tirot Sing Death Anniversary Committee Hima Nongkhlaw has submitted a memorandum to Kharlukhi proposing for a life size statue and a Children’s Park to commemorate the unsung hero, U Tirot Sing Syiem.

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