BJP in Meghalaya is ‘divided’ : Ampareen Lyngdoh


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Shillong, July 8: Suspended Congress Legislature Party (CLP) leader Ampareen Lyngdoh on Friday said there is a faction within the BJP in the state.

“There seems to be a faction inside the BJP which is now being discussed in the public domain. If I were a senior party man of any party and somebody junior to me made a mistake, I surely won’t call the press friends for a different press conference. I would not condemn my colleague in the public domain or public space,” Lyngdoh told reporters.

She was referring to the statement of BJP MLA from Pynthorumkhrah AL Hek against his party colleague and cabinet minister Sanbor Shullai on the recent incident at Orchid Lake, during a meeting to garner support for the NDA presidential candidate Draupadi Murmu.

Stating that the whole episode is turning into something different, Lyngdoh said, “All of that washing of private linen should have been done in house. So that is very confusing to me and as a layman and a political player I am a political player. I would look at all these incidents as detrimental to a political choice that I will make – we can see that the faction is there as well.”

Refusing to comment on Shullai’s action, the East Shillong MLA said, “What the legislator did I cannot comment but if it was me in my place I would have refrain, I would have respected the head of the legislative assembly’s opinion and I would have created another space for myself where I would have said what I have to say.”

Stating that literally speaking ILP and languages are issues not under the purview of the president of this nation, Lyngdoh questioned “are we just trying to get some brownies prior to elections and are we going to wash our hands and say I am not part of the MDA, I had nothing to do with you not getting language and ILP (demands). So this collective decision making is something which has to sink down on every leader in the MDA.”

“We are part of the MDA, we take responsibility together and we should also bask in the glory together. So you don’t choose and segregate what you are a part of and what you are not a part of so to me I am happy that I wasn’t called because that BJP tag has been taken out of my position in the assembly,” she further stated.

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