BJP cuts into Trinamool Congress for failing West Bengal, providing ‘lip service’


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Shillong, Jan 19: The State president of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), Ernest Mawrie, has slammed the AITC and alleged that its government is the most corrupted and has failed the State of West Bengal.

“You go see in West Bengal, you will see what is happening in the state… the Trinamool Congress has failed totally, no development in West Bengal,” Mawrie said.

He further said the BJP will win all the seats at panchayat election in West Bengal in July 2023.

On the claim by AITC chief Mamata Banerjee that only her party can provide better governance to the people of Meghalaya, Mawrie said if the people look at all the aspects, the State of West Bengal is a failure. “Whether in terms of law and order, and it is the most corrupted State,” he said.

He said that the WE Card schemes of the AITC is just an election promise and just a ‘lip service’ of the West Bengal based political party to the people of Meghalaya. “We have collected all the information; there is a total failure in terms of development in the state of West Bengal and the law and order in the state is very deteriorating,” he said.

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